Youth Arts & Recreation Centre

About us

The City Of Hobart’s Youth Programs team is based at the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre located at 44 Collins Street, Hobart.
We create and deliver fun community projects and events with and for young people.

** Please note that due to the Youth Centre currently being rebuilt we are located at Criterion House in Mathers Lane, Hobart **

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is a creative, exciting, safe and engaging space for all young people aged 12 – 25. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, get involved in an art, music or recreation workshop, use the facilities, check out an art exhibition or see a music gig. Best of all most things are free!


We have 4 priority areas that we focus on:

Priority Area 1: Youth Development & Strategic Planning

Youth development and strategic planning focuses on how best to partner and network with government, the youth sector and the broader community to create greater participation opportunities for young people

Priority Area 2: Youth Arts & Recreation Centre

Youth Arts & Recreation Centre focuses on maintaining and improving the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre facility for young people in the city.

Priority Area 3: Youth Participation

Youth Participation focuses on engaging young people in community arts,

cultural activities, events and programs and giving them a voice through engagement processes.

Priority Area 4: Outdoor Youth Work

Outdoor Youth Work focuses on activating public spaces with performances

and cultural events and activities for young people.


OPEN ACCESS HOURS – Wednesdy to Friday 3:30pm – 5:30pm (Temporarily at Criterion House as pop-up venue)

OFFICE HOURS – Tuesday to Friday 9:30 am – 5:30pm

Staff Profiles

Emma Margetts

Youth Arts Officer 

Welcome to the apple isle and Youth ARC Emma!
Emma joins us with a suitcase full of worldly travels, experiences and adventure. An urban artist with street smarts and mural magic, Emma will be bringing the new sparkle to the team!

Melinda Antal

Youth Arts Officer 

Mel works with teams of young artists, writers, photographers and designers to produce PLATFORM Magazine. Coffee, music and travel are some of her most favourite things. She will probably become a crazy cat lady.

Amelia Wilson

Youth Programs Assistant

You can find Amelia making T-shirts in the Art Studio and cooking up a storm in the Pop Up Cafe. Amelia has just completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and works as a freelance Graphic Designer in her spare time. She is currently completing her Masters of Teaching at UTAS.



Fabrice Adonis Bisimwa

Youth Programs Assistant

Fabrice A. Bisimwa is from the Democratic republic of Congo in Africa. He runs hip-hop dance workshops and  loves helping people realise their potential in creative dance. When he is not working with the youth team, he is a dance choreographer/instructor and a live performer.

Joel Imber

Youth Arts Officer

Joel is busy running a variety of projects, workshops and sessions in art, music, dance and digital media for young people. He has a passion for Hip Hop culture and it’s not uncommon to find him recording in the music studio or breaking it down on the dance floor.

Simon Marsland

Youth Programs Team Leader

Simon is a Piscean, and true to his species, he is a water baby joing Youth ARC recently after working in Aquatics for several years! His secret special power is playing the guitar, dancing at festivals and the rest are to be confirmed! Mel, Amelia, Fabrice and Joel will get back with an update STAT. For now, welcome to the team Simon! Simons Says LETS BOOGIE!




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