Bunker Music Studio

We know that music is an important creative outlet for young people. It allows them to tell their story, express themselves and connect them with their friends.  Young people love to play, listen and perform music and one of our goals is to increase the opportunities for young people to be part of the diverse Hobart music scene.

The Youth Arts & Recreation Centre is totally behind developing home grown talent and we believe that when young people put their minds to it they can do anything they want.

We’ve had many well known musicians start out at the Centre and are keen to support young people to make their music dreams a reality. For more information check out our music pages.

The Bunker Music Studio is presented to you by Hobart City Council & Music Tasmania and is a fully equipped music rehearsal space located within the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre.

It has a “Ready to Play” setup that includes a drum kit, guitar amp, bass amp, microphones, stands and a PA system. All you need to do is bring your instruments, plug in and play.

If you’re interested in recording or making music at a demo level we have the software and equipment to do that. We also run music workshops to help you learn the latest techniques so checkout the workshops page.

The Bunker Music Studio can be booked online via the CMST website or the Music Tasmania project Officer on 6237 6318.

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Bunker Music Studio