Youth Advisory Squad

The City of Hobart’s Youth Advisory Squad, otherwise known as YAS (or Youth Advisory Committee), is a group of young people between the ages of 12 – 25. YAS is a great outlet for young people in the community who wish to engage with the City of Hobart to make the city a more youth friendly environment.


Young people involved with YAS will get the opportunity to gain strong leadership, communication and teamwork skills, as well as gaining experience in the development and running of youth focused community projects and events.

YAS meets on a fortnightly basis and members work together with the City of Hobart to identify, discuss and resolve youth related issues.


YAS is currently accepting 2022 membership applications.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please continue reading and start your application by filling click on the link below.



Not quite ready to put in an application yet? If you have some questions about YAS or the application process, please send us an enquiry by clicking on the link below


To stay up to date on regular initiatives, events and programs run by YAS, please follow us on instagram @youthadvisorysquad


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